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Health Services

Jessica Singer
Jessica Singer, BSN, RN, LSN
Health Service Supervisor


Promoting health and safety for all students

The Health Services Department strives to provide positive health and wellness outcomes for all students. Our nurses are trained to meet not just students’ immediate healthcare needs, but to partner with parents in managing long-term chronic illnesses as well. Our services encompass physical health and wellness, as well as their mental, social, and emotional well-being.

Jessica Singer, BSN, RN, LSN     Supervisor of Nursing Services
Butler HS Clinic    (937) 415-6308
Cell Phone            (937) 272-0108


Teresa Buttelwerth, BSN, RN
Morton Clinic        (937) 415-6614
Cell Phone            (937) 430-4406


Preschool and 
Smith Clinic           (937) 415-7044
Cell Phone             (937) 903-5703


Valerie Waite, BSN, RN
Demmitt Clinic      (937) 415-6530
Cell Phone            (937) 524-6672


Lisa Plesk, RN
Helke Clinic            (937) 415-3030
Cell Phone             (937) 371-0160
Not sure if your child is well enough to go to school or stay in school?