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PBIS in Vandalia-Butler City Schools

Last Updated: 3/1/2021 8:31 PM

What is PBIS?

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based three-tiered framework to improve and integrate all of the data, systems, and practices affecting student outcomes every day.  PBIS creates schools where all students succeed. 

Examine environmental factors. When students understand what is expected of them, and how they can follow expectations, they will do so. Teachers provide clear expectations for student behavior, with examples of what that looks like. Students who struggle to meet expectations receive additional teaching, and get reinforced for meeting expectations once they have learned how to do so.  

Energize the positive. Kids are used to getting certain responses from adults. Responding harshly to negative behavior, while not responding to positive behavior, sends a child the message that negative behavior is how one gets attention. *Changing these habits can be challenging!* But we have to energize that behavior we want to see - even if it is the briefest display of concentration, body control, or kindness. Recognizing and commending the behavior will increase the likelihood that it continues. We strive for five-to-one positive-to-negative interactions with all students. 

Celebrate Success! Students who are struggling in school need to feel belonging and significance. There is no better way to help instill that feeling than to celebrate when they do get it right. 



What are the three tiers of intervention? 

Tier I: Schoolwide positive behavior supports, delivered to every student by every staff member at school. Everyone uses similar language and tactics to energize the behaviors we want to see, and to de-emphasize the behaviors that aren't helping the student or the community. 

The year begins with explicit teaching of the behaviors we expect in each area. Our staff teach expectations for designated areas throughout the building (and bus!) using scripted lessons to ensure that all students receive the same information.  We revisit expectations when issues occur in problem areas, and we also revisit expectations after substantial breaks to refresh students on them. 

Tier II: For students who need more support, the team creates targeted interventions. Examples include mentorship with extra adults in the building, responsive classroom lessons, daily check-ins, and social-emotional support with the counselor. These extra interventions are layers on top of the baseline instruction that all students receive. 

Tier III: Some students need even more support. Tier III is for those students. In addition to tier II supports already in place, some students need wraparound services, more intensive school supports, extracurricular activities, or mental health counseling. This is in addition to academic support, which is also available as needed. Often the academic and social-emotional are intertwined: students who have had Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), or who are simply struggling to self-regulate, will have trouble learning, and will then internalize the frustration of feeling unable to keep up in class. 


Why do we use PBIS?

Who uses PBIS?

How does PBIS work?


Our District Emphasizes These Three R's:



Would you like to request non-academic help for your child?

Each of our school’s has a dedicated PBIS team that meets regularly to review student needs and to find supports that will allow them to find success.  If you would like to request help for your child, please follow the appropriate link below, complete the form, and someone from the school will contact you within three school days (you must have legal custody of the child in order to receive a response).


District Committee Members

Butler – Nathan Hyatt, Stephanie Robb

Morton – Charles Curtis, Steve Doring

Smith – Jennifer McGowan

Demmitt – Kate Todd

Helke – Rhonda Davis, Amanda Naylor

Preschool – Emily Green

Coordinator – Brian Tregoning



The Vandalia-Butler City School District has been recognized by the Ohio PBIS Network as a district of distinction, honoring our implementation of PBIS concepts with fidelity across all buildings.

2019 – 1 of only 11 school districts in the State to be recognized!

2020 – 1 of only 13 school districts in the state to be recognized!

In addition to recognition from the Ohio PBIS Network, Vandalia-Butler staff have presented at numerous State and National conferences and our buildings have hosted multiple site visits from other schools around the Miami Valley.  Additionally, our staff have provided consultation services to schools throughout Ohio and as far away as Wisconsin!

Individual building honors are highlighted on their building PBIS pages.