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Helpful Resources

Last Updated: 12/23/2019 8:51 PM

Helpful resources for understanding district finances

The information included here is meant to help educate the public about the district’s financial position, budget, and tax base and tax rates.

Confused about school finance? Check out our video, "The World of School Finance," for a primer about how our schools are funded. The video on our YouTube channel, vbaviatorproductions.

Financial Facts for March 17, 2020, Emergency Levy RENEWAL

Five-year Forecast

Find the district’s five-year forecast here.


How to Read a Five-Year Forecast: Tips and Explanations on Understanding a School District’s Forecast

The Ohio Department of Education’s guide is designed to help the general public understand how to read a school district’s five-year forecast.


2009-2010 Fiscal Year End Financial Report