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Last Updated: 7/9/2020 7:52 PM

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Understanding Residency Requirements

  • The schools of the Vandalia-Butler City School District shall be tuition-free to all school residents between age five and twenty-one.
  • A student is considered a resident if he/she resides with a parent or parents or person or governmental agency with legal custody whose place of residence is within the boundaries of the district.
  • A legal residence is one where the parents/guardians and children engage in major family life activities such as sleeping, eating, receiving mail, voting, etc. and has paperwork to prove it such as lease, rental agreement, purchase agreement, or residency affidavit.
  • A child may attend the district as a resident for a period not to exceed sixty days on the sworn statement of an adult resident of the district that he/she has initiated legal proceedings for custody.  A copy of the application form stamped by the courts and a copy of the form listing the date and time of the hearing must be presented.  If parents have never been legally married, the custody goes to the Mother.
  • Preschoolers enrolled through Vandalia-Butler City Schools to attend Demmitt Elementary must reside in the Vandalia-Butler School District.
  • A student, at least 18 but not 22 years of age, who resides in the district, has a lease in their own name,  and who support himself/herself by his/her own labor, and provides a copy of last transcript with credits is eligible for entrance.
  • Grandparents who reside in Vandalia-Butler School District and have grandchildren living with them can enroll them using a Grandparent POA.